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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What if you were sent into solitary exile on a distant planet?

I got very few (3) responses to my last "what if" question. Because posting these questions, picking the winners, and mailing the prizes is time-consuming, I will only continue the contest for as long as I see interest in it. If I don't get at least five entrants (between Blogger and MySpace) this time, I will discontinue the contest. So, if you'd like to keep the contest alive, be sure to comment!

This week's question:
What if you were sent into solitary exile on a distant planet, and you could take anything you wanted along with you? What would you take?

My response:

If I were to be sent to solitary exile to a far away planet, the first stop I would want to make was to Barnes & Noble. I'd get one copy of every book in the store, and one copy of each CD and movie. I'd, of course, need to have a TV, CD player, and VCR/DVD player. I'd also want to get some glasses of various strengths so that as my eyesight got worse with age, I'd still be able to read.

My computer would be a must-have. I'd probably also want to have lots of computer games. I think the biggest problem with the solitary exile would be the boredom. I'd want to bring lots of things that would challenge my mind, to keep my brain alive and kicking, and games serve that purpose very nicely. They also help to while away the hours.

Although I'd probably do most of my writing on the computer, but there's a special feeling to writing with pen and paper, so I'd want to take lots and lots of paper and lots and lots of pens. I'd want to have a variety of pens and paper--thick, creamy parchment with fountain pens; spiral notebooks with ball points; fancy leather-bound journals with roller balls. You name it, I'd want it.

I am assuming that I can take for granted that I'd want all the basic necessities of life, such as food and bed, etc. The last thing I'd want to take would be a whole lot of dogs. Maybe I'd go to the pound and rescue every dog in there and take them along. They'd have to be breeding animals, though, because I'd want to have generations of them to keep me company. Perhaps this would break the "solitary" exile part, but I'd see what I could manage. My dogs bring so much joy to my life; I can't imagine being dogless!


Contest rules:
Answer the "what if" question in a comment, either on Blogger or on MySpace. Next week, I will draw a winner from amongst the contest entrants. The winner will receive a set of autographed cover flats from the first three Guardians of the Night books. Answers must be posted by Sunday, July 22. Only one answer per commenter will be entered in the drawing (though if you want to leave multiple answers, you can!) I will draw the winner on Monday, July 23. Congrats to Kim on MySpace, who won the last contest!



At 10:40 AM, Blogger Lexi said...

Absolutely tons and tons of notebooks and pens/pencils. (I start off every manuscript on paper.) I'd take some kittens I think. And CDs. Lots and lots of them.

At 3:30 PM, Blogger Amy said...

That's a tough one. There's so many things I'd like to take with me. I'm assuming family members are out since it's solitary exile.

I'd pack my computers, yes, I have more than one, and buy some way to supply power such as a generator with lots and lots of fuel. I'd also bring at least one printer. I'd get copies of all the DVDs of the shows I love to watch and CDs of the music I like best. I'd also buy every book I can think of, assuming I have unlimited funds, of course. I'd bring games, movies, get a Playstation (whatever the latest version is) and all the games that go with it. I'd bring a TV, VCR, CD and DVD player(s).

I'd bring my dogs and cats with me, plus some that haven't had 'the operation', and at least one pair of horses. More if there's enough room. Try to cut back on the inbreeding as long as possible.

I'd also bring lots of pens (different colors), pencils, highlighters, paper, notebooks, printer paper, ink cartridges for my printer(s), and a three-hole punch. I think I'd also get all the computer software I can get my hands on and plenty of spare hard drives (external USB).

Flashlights, batteries, camping gear, just in case, and of course clothes, food and basic necessities. Hmmm wonder if there's a way to pack access to the internet... LOL Oh! I'd also bring along a way to keep cool or warm depending on the time of year and climate.

Did I forget anything? LOL


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