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Friday, May 25, 2007

Supporting a couple of first-time print authors

One of the things that tends to happen when you're a writer is that you meet other writers. If you get out and about a lot, you can meet a lot of other writers. This can wreak havoc on your TBR pile, because when you meet and like someone, you end up wanting to read their books (at least I do). I keep saying my TBR pile needs its own apartment.

Anyway, I met a couple of authors at RT whose first print books are coming out on June 1st. I haven't had a chance to read either book (yet!), but I fully intend to read them as soon as they come out.

The first is Rachel Vincent, whose first book, Stray, I'm just dying to read. If you read her first chapter on her website, you'll know why! She's having a fun contest on her blog today (though it's already too late to enter, I think). We've got a bit of a rivalry going as to which of our urban fantasy heroines has the shapelier posterior on our book covers. I'm afraid the last time I looked, Morgan was behind (pun intended), but I figure Faythe's got home field advantage.

The other is Eden Bradley, whose erotic novel, Dark Garden, is coming out from Bantam. It sounds really steamy, and Eden is running a contest of her own. When Dark Garden comes out, take a picture of it in your local bookstore. There's a prize for the most creative photo, and one for the photo with the most people in it--click on the link to her blog to see the details in her own words. I'm going to attempt to paste in her countdown timer, but with my nonexistent HTML skills, this may be a challenge!

Countdown until release:


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