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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What if you became a superhero?

After my Father's Day post about the "what if" questions I used to help bridge the gap between my father and myself, I got to thinking that those questions could turn out to be fun blog fodder. So I've decided to share these questions with my readers. I'll post a new question every week until 1) I run out, 2) I decide I'm not getting enough participation, or 3) I become so overwhelmed with work I can't handle the blog.

I'll share the answers I gave my dad to these questions (where those answers are appropriate for the general public), and I'd love to see my readers' responses as well. In fact, each week I'll pick a winner out of everyone who posts a response, and that winner will receive a set of autographed cover flats of my Guardians of the Night series. (The winner will be either my favorite response, or, if there are multiple responses I like, a random choice between those favorite responses.) I will be running this contest simultaneously on Blogger and MySpace. Please comment only on one site.

So, without further ado: What if you became a superhero? What would your special power be, and how would you use it?


If I were to become a superhero, my special power would be to be a shapeshifter. I'd want to be able to instantly take the form of any creature, real or imaginary. (Kind of like the Greek myth of Proteus.)

I imagine the first thing I would do with that power is take the form of a hawk and fly. I'd particularly like to travel to somewhere like the Grand Canyon and take wing there. I'd soar over the middle of the canyon, getting the proverbial bird's eye view. When I got tired, I'd alight on a ledge somewhere that no human being could get to. Then, I'd turn back to a human being and sit there with my legs dangling over the edge, gazing at the awesome beauty around me and feeling like the only human being on earth. Maybe I'd even fly down to the bottom of the canyon, secretly laughing at those silly people clinging to their mules!

Next, I'd like to take a trip out to a coral reef somewhere--maybe Bermuda, whose reefs I'm familiar with, or maybe somewhere new and exciting, like the Great Barrier Reef. There, I'd turn into a fish--maybe a lion fish, with all those deadly poisonous spikes to deter predators. I'd explore the reef, swimming slowly along. Being another fish, I probably wouldn't scare the wildlife, so I'd be able to get a really close look. Maybe I'd find an interesting wreck to explore, swimming inside the ancient ruins of a ship. I might even turn myself into some exotic deep-water fish and swim down to the deepest depths where life exists. I'd get to see things human beings can only see by remote camera. So little is known about the deepest ocean that it is almost like another planet.

Of course, shapeshifting would also have its advantages in more mundane situations. For instance, I could literally become a fly on the wall and listen to some private meetings at work. There are times that I really do wonder how some of the crazy decisions get made, and I would finally get to hear the twisted logic that leads us to them. It would also be a nice form of self-defense: if someone attacked me, I could turn into a lion and scare them off. (Or, if I were afraid they might shoot the lion, I could become a fire-breathing dragon, or a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I bet that would do the trick!)


You have until Sunday, July 1st to post a response if you'd like to be eligible for the weekly prize.



At 5:26 PM, Blogger Beth Caudill said...

I would have the power to heal others and to compensate because I can't heal myself, I would get a personal shield. I can only use either the shield or the healing power.

I would love to be able to heal all the boo-boos my kids get. There are of course limitations, you can't heal everything (nothing life threatening) but 'simple' problems like broken bones and scratches would be cool to be able to fix.

Beth C.

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Marcia Colette said...

I want telekinesis. That way I can deliver invisible slaps across the back of the head to my coworkers when they drag out our meetings. Also, it'll takes road rage to a whole new level. >:)

At 6:08 PM, Anonymous Sunny said...

After sifting through the lot, I'd have to pick the mother of all Psychic power.
Think of the money I could make. I'd be able to write all day, everyday as I'd have hired all manner of servants to care for myself and my family.
I'd know they were trustworthy because, hey, I'm a psyic. I'd never have issues with spelling, or what my family would like for dinner.School clothes shopping would be a breeze,and deciding where to go on summer vacation a snap.
I'd know what my teen was thinking(this keeps getting better and better),where he was and what he was doing at all times. Man, would that lower the cell phone bill.
Then at the end of the day, I could close my eyes and live through all the heros and feel whats it like to fly, experience it as if it were me high above the city and it's drama.Perhaps above the sea, or acorss a mountain range.
Then if all was well, and I didn't have to call 911 to report crime in various parts of the country,I could drift off to sleep knowing everything was truely right in the world.

At 8:55 AM, Blogger Caren Crane said...

I have thought about this before and it's always a stumper. I am not a person who normally feels powerless, so I don't really desire power. What would be cool, though, is to have supernatural powers of persuasion.

On a domestic level, I could persuade my husband to mow the lawn, clean up his "office" and do the laundry. My kids would clean their rooms and make their beds happily.*g*

At work, the vile coworker would be swayed to the Light and my boss would agree I need a raise. Agents would feel an urgent need to represent me. Editors would be compelled to buy my books.

At the world level, I could convince those on the extreme right and left to be more centered and open-minded. Governments would take care of their people. Given time, we could end war and poverty and spend whatever it took to find cures for disease. It would be totally awesome!

At 10:39 AM, Anonymous cheri mac said...

Hmmm. Flying would be cool, and the telekinesis for smacking Dufuses up side the head would definitely come in handy. But I guess what I would want most would be the abilit to scan peoples' energy fields - both physical and emotional - and see where there were cracks, breaks and down-right chasms. To go with that, I would want the knowledge to be able to tell them a way (or ways - why limit myself) to heal whatever was broken. The choice to use the knowledge would be up to them.
Oh. And I would also love the power to conjure in my mind whatever I wanted to eat, and then zap it onto my kitchen table, so I don't have to cook. I HATE to cook!

At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great contest by the way. Nice blog, too, looks superb. I wandered here from Rachels and just sorta hung about for a few days.

Ok, if I had a super-power, it would have to be... hey, I just want the ability to imprint words on paper with my mind. My tendonitis is a killer.

Or, I suppose, flying would be cool, too.

At 11:45 AM, Blogger Caitlin Hoy said...

I would have the power to wish so I wouldn't be limiting myself to just one situation but only 5 powers would be permanent and all others temporary to deal with all situations.The power would of course work permanently for others and all objects.

Iwould love to use it on people who made me angry by giving certain others animal parts that match their nature.:)



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