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Monday, October 22, 2007

A Halloween treat, and my book signings

If you're looking for a little extra online fun on Halloween, stop by my website or my MySpace profile, where I'll be launching the book video for my next book, The Devil Inside. It turned out really great, and my first instinct is to show it to everyone immediately. However, I decided it would be smarter to wait until the book release date was a little closer, and Halloween seemed like the perfect time. (And yes, I know I'm a terrible tease.)

I also just had to share this Twilight Zone moment. As many of you know, I did a couple of book signings in South Carolina this past weekend. It turned out not to be the best timing, since it was the last weekend of the state fair. The mall I signed at on Friday night was dead, dead, dead; but despite the fair, football game, and parade I was competing with on Saturday, I did manage to sell a reasonable number of books at my Books-a-Million signing. (Yes, the T.Z. moment is coming, eventually.)

Authors, if you ever have a chance to sign at a Books-a-Million, snap it up immediately! I've done two for them now, and they have been absolutely fantastic. The staff goes out of their way to make the author's experience pleasant. Now here is the fun part (which you'll only "get" if you've read Secrets in the Shadows and/or Shadows on the Soul). The store had two people helping me out. They stood one on each side of my table, talking to me when things were slow, handing out promo material when people were coming in, and otherwise taking great care of me. Their names? Gabriel and Camille. I kid you not! (They both bought books from me, and when I signed them, I wrote notes to the effect that they really are much nicer in person than they are in my books.)


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