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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Oh yeah, I have a blog . . .

I warned y'all that my posts would be spotty for a while. I'm being true to my word!

One of the things I never fully realized before I became a published author was just how much time one needs to spend on promoting oneself. I'm sure the big household name writers don't have to do this so much, but I'm the new kid on the block, so I've got to find ways to get noticed. I could literally spend all day every day working on promo. However, there's also this nasty little deadline I've got sneaking up on me . . .

The thing is, I've actually found the promo side of the business to be rather fun. I like working on my website. I like thinking about what kinds of new contests I might be able to run. I like designing bookmarks and brochures, etc. So it's really easy to let myself get pulled into these non-writing tasks. My most recent obsession has been MySpace, which is a fabulous place to meet other writers and to meet fans of those writers who also might turn out to be fans of my work. If you're on MySpace and would like to be my friend, please visit

So between all that promo stuff and my killer deadline, I've been shamefully neglecting my blog. But today I've written my requisite number of pages; I've updated my website; and I've answered all my email and MySpace messages. So I had no excuse not to at least pop my head up and say hi! And I have every intention of posting at least once more this month. It seems like I should be able to manage two posts a month, even with all the other things I'm doing.

If you don't hear from me again this month, feel free to rag on me mercilessly!


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