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Saturday, October 07, 2006

A New Deal

Earlier in the year, I blogged about an urban fantasy I was working on, a departure from my usual romance novels. Well, just this week, I agreed to a two-book contract with Bantam for that novel and its sequel (which I haven't written yet).

I'm still somewhat in shock. Less than two years ago, I'd been struggling for 16 years and hadn't sold a single book. Now, I've got six books under contract, three of them coming out next year. I'm incredibly excited--after all, my lifelong dream has come true with a vengeance. Not to mention the fact that my first book is coming out in a little more than three weeks. I alternate between complete adrenaline overload and a weird, numb sense of unreality. I'm sure it will settle down once the news has a chance to sink in, but I sure am enjoying the ride.

I'm also just completely thrilled to sell my urban fantasy, which at least for now is called The Devil Inside. (My editor says she likes the title, but that doesn't mean it will survive all the way to publication.) I took risks with this book, went places I wasn't 100% comfortable going. That stretched me as a writer, and I'm sure made me better, but it meant I had a lot of emotion tangled up in the book. If I hadn't been able to find a home for it, I'd have been very disappointed.

I'll post a little bit more about the book later. I'm working on a back-cover-style blurb to put on my website (and here, of course), but I haven't perfected it yet.



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