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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Insecurities 'R' Us

Once upon a time, before I knew any published authors who could disabuse me of the notion, I thought that once I sold a book, I would suddenly transform from this quivering bundle of insecurity into a self-confident, self-assured Author. I'm really glad I had people around me who were able to break the truth to me gently before I sold, so that I'm not completely stunned now to find out it isn't true.

So, back a couple weeks ago, when I got my fabulous cover for Watchers in the Night, my editor said she was putting together an offer for my sequel to Watchers, tentatively titled Secrets in the Shadows. I'd written the whole book already, and was just waiting to hear whether she was going to buy it or not.

Time tick, tick, ticked away, and I didn't hear anything. And so, I went into neurotic writer mode. I worried that she'd finally come to her senses and discovered I couldn't write my way out of a paper bag. I worried that she'd had to pitch the book to the high muckity-mucks and they'd laughed in her face. If I could think of something else to worry about, you can bet I worried about it. Now, I knew the reality was there was probably nothing to worry about. Editors are insanely busy, and from her point of view, there was no rush.

On Thursday (more than two weeks after I first got the hint that I might get another contract), I wrote to my agent, figuring she could probably calm me down if I just admitted to her that I was going nuts over here with these pointless worries. She came through like a champ--I figure that since my behavior and worries aren't that unusual for a writer, she spends plenty of time doing impromptu therapy for her authors. She dashed off a quick email telling me I had nothing to worry about, and it made me feel better.

I think it was only about a half hour or forty-five minutes later when she called me and said, "Oh ye of little faith." The upshot of this is, not only does Tor want Secrets in the Shadows, they want two more books that I haven't even written yet!! This is a dream come true to me, to sell a book before I've written it. I'm still floating.

There are still contract negotiations under way, but barring some unimagined disaster (which I sincerely hope my overactive imagination won't start imagining!),this should mean I'll be employed as a writer for at least a few more years.

Now, if only that meant I would be secure and self-confident from now on . . .


At 2:32 PM, Blogger Sonja said...

Still happy dancin' for you!

At 9:23 PM, Blogger Lady M said...

Rock the heck ON!!!!

Totally awesome!

Yeah - the insecurites are always there for every human being - some of us are better hiding it, that's all.

Faith... sigh... she says... Well I say it's PARTY TIME!

Congrats and keep on keeping on kiddo!

Lady M


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