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Saturday, March 04, 2006

I Hate Waiting!

You know, I used to dream that once I finally sold a novel to a commercial press, the whole waiting game would come to an end. Everything would happen at warp speed, and life would be just dandy.

All right, admittedly it's been a long time since I thought that, but still . . . I at least thought the waiting would be easier. Guess what? IT'S NOT.

So, what am I whining about? I just got the news yesterday that Watchers in the Night has been pushed back to November. It was first scheduled for September, then moved back to October, now it's in November. ARGH! It's amazing how long this wait has been. I've been a bundle of nerves ever since the book sold (about a year ago now), and now I have one more month of neurosis added to my schedule.

On the plus side, the book got pushed back for a really good reason. Apparently, the sales force hated the cover art--which I never saw. My editor had hated it too, but she got overruled. But when the sales people hated it, that had enough clout to make the publisher pull the cover and start over. Which delays the production schedule, which means my book had to be pushed back. Although I've never seen the cover in question, I am really, really grateful that it got pulled. I'd much rather have a good cover in November than a bad one in October.

In other waiting news, I also heard that my editor wasn't going to get a chance to look at the sequel until the end of March. More waiting. More nail-biting. More neurosis. Ah, the writing life! But hell, I've been doing this for about 17 years now. One thing I've gotten really, really good at is waiting. I haven't grown to love it, but I have at least learned to tolerate it.


At 10:45 AM, Blogger S. W. Vaughn said...

I hate waiting too! Man, do I ever know how you feel. Sold my first book to a commercial press and the pub date changed so many times I wanted to cry.

Now they say: April 15. For sure, absolute, that's the day. We shall see...

The waiting never ends, does it? Just one more facet of the publishing industry designed to drive authors insane so we'll write better books. :-)


P.S. Found you by way of Miss Snark, and I agree with your disagreement. Sometimes fast is good!


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