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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mind Games--Part 2

It seems that blogging about my sudden writer's ennui was the right mind game to play with myself this time around. After I posted that entry, I sat down and wrote about 2,000 words (that's about 8 pages, for those of you who aren't writers and don't measure your productivity by word count! ). Since then, I've had two 3,000-word+ days. Apparently, I jump-started my creative brain. I'm really grateful, because it feels so good to get lost in the story and write like a madwoman.

I've got almost 240 pages on my new manuscript, and I'm now hitting another of the phases of my writing process--the phase where I fear the book's going to be too short.

It happens every single book (and believe me, for me, that's a lot of books!). You'd think by now I'd have learned to dismiss this fear, because never yet have I written a book that was too short to be commercially viable. Logic, however, is overrated. One good thing about the fact that this has happened with every book--while I may not be able to convince myself to stop worrying about it, at least I'm very accustomed to worrying about it, so it doesn't quite have the teeth it once had. Still, it would be nice not to worry, for once. *Sigh*

The best way to defeat the worry is to just go finish the damn book, so I guess I'll stop blogging (whining?) and start writing!


At 10:46 AM, Blogger Sonja said...

Yay good for you! I'm looking forward to learning all your mind games during the HCRW online class. :-)


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